Tattoo Aftercare Guidelines


1. For small tattoos, take off the wrap one hour after the completion of your tattoo.  For larger tattoos, wait 4 hours.

2. After removing wrap, wash with hot water and a mild unscented, antibacterial soap.

3. Pat dry with a clean towel.

4. Let the tattoo dry out for 24 HOURS!  no less.  This means no liquids of any type on the tattoo!

5.  Once the 24 hours are up, clean one to two times a day and only moisturize when it feels tight or uncomfortable.  Use unscented moisturizer.  be sure to use as little as possible and rub it in gently and completely.



  • No picking or scratching your tattoo.  Ink can be pulled out with newly formed scabs.
  • No tanning, Soaking in water, or saunas until scabs have naturally run their course
  • keep showers short and avoid from direct spray.  If you are having a bath, keep tattooed area from getting wet.  if it gets wet, it is best to pat dry as soon as possible.  when water soaks into a new tattoo, the scabs may swell and come off permanently.
  • Once healed, always use the strongest sunblock available on your tattoo when indoor tanning or out in the sun.  Sunlight and UV rays will quickly fade a tattoo that is unprotected