Sterilization Methods

Welcome to one of the most important places of all:

Here at Millenium Ink, we have an in house sterilization center where we use common instruments used and found in dentist and doctor offices.

Our ultrasonic is a run and change process.  We use a biodegradable, concentrated solution mixed with parts of water to clean and break apart any large debris or ink made by burnishine.  It is a 30 minute, heated run with a folow up scrubbing to take off any excess debris.

The Autoclave we use is tested every run with a indicator and intergrator strips.  The Tools we run are also packed in a Steril pouch with an attached indicator strip to ensure a full heat, saturation and pressure clean was performed.  After every use of the autoclave, it is carefully logged and stored.  At the end of every month, spore tests are mailed and sent to Alliance H. Inc Microbex Infection Control.
Every Station we have is disinfected, using a hospital grade germicidal sollution called madacide.  Any surfaces that are anticipated for bacterial growth are safely and carefully covered with barrier films and dental bibs to reduce chances of contamination.