Mel, Millenium’s magnificent mistress of mobile makeovers came to us just over a year ago and began her piercing apprenticeship with the desire to add yet another set of skills to the vast array she already had for transforming people’s appearance. Not content to just be a talented hairstylist, makeup artist, and piercer Mel wants to create a space where a person can walk in and access everything they need to create their inner style and outer beauty. This summer her motivation and drive lead to the creation of Mel’s Makeover Boutique a unique and stylish makeover studio on the move that can often be seen in the Millenium parking lot. What was once an old RV is now a trendy known entity on the North Shore.

If you want to completely revolutionize your image Mel is the lady to visit, she will go through every last detail to make your style a masterpiece. From ear piercings and a trim, to microdermals and leopard print hair Mel makes her clients feel like stars.