Millenium Ink Merchandise

Millenium Ink offers Not only tattoos and piercings.  We have a variety of jewelery, a local clothing line, and accessories for sale.

The Jewelery We have in stock is made from selections of Stainless surgical steel, Bioflex, Organic materials, and some specialties.

People seem to have fun in our shop with the copious amount of pillows we have in shop.  Brought to you by Flaming Angels, these pillows give a settle, but  fun look to any old couch, bedroom, or choice of weaponry for a pillow fight.  The selection of design ranges from traditional tattoo art, to fun filled candy skulls.  If there are any designs that we dont have for your liking, we can see what we can do for custom prints or new designs.

The Clothing line we sponsor here is a Company by the name of "Game, Sex, Match"  Barry Jorgens, a north vancouver local is the man that came up with this simple, but fresh looking clothing line.  "I infused a punk rock attitude with a non stop party mentality" Barry quotes.  "Game, Sex, Match clothes stand for the best three things in my life.  Playing games, winning and XXX!"